03 July 2006

Alive and Well (blog roundup)

I have been bad about posting the past few weeks. I had an opportunity to go with cool yiddish papa and the maidelehs on his business trip. It was a good time to connect with old and new friends (you know who you are) and see some family. I can give some updates on old issues that I've mentioned in previous blogs.

bibnis (see "Kol Yisrael" , "Everyone Talks about It", "Rabbanim") got a job! We suspect that a recent visit to his brother's grave gave him a bracha (for those who are more pragmatic, it just all fell into place). The current employer knows about the back situation and has made accomodations. It is also a WELL-PAYING JOB as well as FULL TIME. What an odd combination in this day and age!

It seems that I was one of the last to know about Dr. Feelgood (see "TMI" post). I simply mentioned his name and... This could also say something about the hypocrisy of those who refuse to talk about something because it's lashon hara. People were quick to fill in details, each story more outrageous than the next.

Upcoming Attractions or What I Want to Discuss Next on My Blog

* Corruption of Halakhah for Self-Serving Purposes
* Kosher Food Politics (How do we know the real reasons why a hekhsher is not reliable? Does it have to do with halakhah or is it all a political game? Who can we rely upon for honesty?)
* The Importance of Kids Having Good Middot
* The Chumrah of the Month Club (We've talked about its existence. We will actually seek out the members so we are all up to date on their plans.)

Hope to post more soon. Ha-baby is waking up. Despite your feelings about the situation in Iraq, show your patriotism tomorrow. We should celebrate a country that allows us the freedom to be Jewish and a citizen.


  1. Glad your back. Hope you had a safe trip back and didn't hit too many storms.

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