28 February 2007

Something's Gotta Give...

Hila commented recently about not seeing me blog lately. Well, Hila, between children, work, grad school, housework, and preparing to sell a house (in order to close on a new one), blogging had to fall by the wayside. First of all, I am a peasant with dial-up. CYP wants to economize and hold out for DSL until we get to our new house. (It's a blessing in disguise. I might end up living on the computer if we had broadband anyway.) Second, I had problems finding a cord that would keep my laptop charged (and recognize when I switched to AC power).

I have been so stressed out lately with all my tzarot. I just realized that the hair that is coming out in my hands in falling out from stress. My aunt suggested that it was the sheitels I sometimes wear when cool yiddishe maidel wants me to have hair ("that boys can see"), but I told her that it wasn't so. Much to my distress, I have gained 10 pounds in the last two months without even having had the pleasure of binge-eating.

When talking about my tzarot, I have been "reassured" by people that Hashem doesn't give us more than what we can handle. Well, I still want to know what my breaking point will be...don't all of us to tell the truth?

25 February 2007

I'm Alive (and Well)...B'H!

I have been extremely busy these past couple months and have had NO time to blog!

CYP and I are making preparations to leave galut and join our friends in "the other neighborhood". Packing is quite a chore. Part of me just wants to chuck everything and start over. Who knew that we had SO MUCH STUFF in such a little house!

A favor to ask all my loyal readers who still check on my blog and haven't given up on me... Please read the below letter and click on whichever link applies to you. I have until Purim to collect this data. [If you are part of "my real life" and already completed this survey, no need to re-do it.]

Dear Friends (and Friends of Friends):

I am taking a course on the History of Conversion (to Judaism) as part of my grad school studies. One of the assignments for this course is to evaluate contemporary views of conversion. I have chosen to select for my topic attitudes regarding conversion within the Orthodox community.

Please understand that I will not know who responds to which survey so your privacy is ensured. I am posting this on the blog to further protect your privacy.

To fulfill sh'mirat ha-lashon, all information is considered confidential and will not be discussed except in the context of this project. Any identifying information will be changed where it will not change the results of the data.

Please click on the link that pertains to your situation. You have 10 days from the receipt of this e-mail to complete this survey. If you have any additional information you would like to share with me (such as your story or general conversion issues), you can e-mail me

Go ahead and forward on to other interested parties. I would like to get as diverse of a cross-section as possible.

Conversion Survey (for Gerim):

Conversion Survey (for Born Jews):
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