26 July 2006


We've all questioned its existence yet are totally convinced of it. I have been stuck for blog posts lately due to summer laziness. Most days, I just want to take the maidels out and enjoy this wonderful weather we've been having (B'H). Recently, I've had an opportunity to get together with a good friend who I haven't seen for a while. Her life is taking her in a different direction (I'Y'H, it's all good), but we were able to take the time to reconnect. A few months ago, a blog friend, Outoftown, had suggested a blog book club. Her first offering was a book called Off the Derech. I haven't had a chance to read it, but wouldn't you know that the book club I go to in real time has also suggested that book (so I guess now I have to read it).

So, the book club offering has also brought back a favorite topic of mine: the fabled "chumra of the month" club. I had spoken about it for several years, even using that name, only to find that there are so many others who know about it. Unfortunately, no one will admit to their membership in the club. I'm sure we all know people who are "closet members". Tonight, I was stuck with an idea for a blog post and it came to me. I should set out to see if any members of this fabled club do exist. (I know that we might not find most of them on J-blogs. After all, blogging is not connected to parnasah).

Chumra of the Week application

Forward the application on to anyone you know that might want to join.


  1. That's cute....I haven't forgotten about the book club either, I am just lazy :)

  2. That was really funny. Great seeing you too!


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