13 November 2006

(Blog Round-up) I Have NOTHING Interesting to Say...

so I won't say it.

I have not dropped out of the blog world, just that there has not been anything interesting to report lately. I'm going to work, attending grad school, and raising my children. Everywhere I go, I am looking for worthwhile topics; I just seem to be suffering from writer's block.

My fellow blogger,
Esther, was very fascinated by the topic of "hot chanies" on Ask Shifra. This seems to be a topic that has taken off...to the point that someone has created a "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" response.

Outoftown has also chimed in on the topic of cliques and their evils. For a more up to date report, please read about her son's school's quest to bring more middot to the world.

Chana has arrived at an important point in her journey and we are all proud of her. (Im yirtzeh Hashem, we can celebrate in person soon.)

Hila has overcome the significant hurdle of telling her beloved father about her decision to convert to Judaism. His response was a reassuring one.

I didn't forget about you, Sephardi Lady. MAZAL TOV on the birth of your new little one.


  1. Thank you very much. :) I'm happy to have that big baby out of me! In the end, she wasn't so little. :)

  2. *sniff sniff* G-d willing!!! Wanna meet for lunch tomorrow? ;)

  3. CYM,

    Glad you're back! I don't know if you ever got my last email? I re-sent the one you said you couldn't open, but sometimes things get lost in space. And I've been super busy as I'm sure you have been, too. Anyway, feel free to write me again any time! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, I feel so special!



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