19 April 2007

Help Wanted!

Community after-school Hebrew program is seeking a Hebrew and Judaics studies teacher. Applicants should not be "too religious" and should be willing to step aside should the powers that be determine that you are "not right" for them, despite a successful teaching record and legions of loyal students as well as their families.

Perhaps that is the ad that my school should put in the newspaper. The upside is that the new director would like to place me at another branch of the school with same number of hours, etc. However, the two people who judged me for being "too frum" from DAY ONE have managed to get me out. As I told the director today, "Removing me will not end the problems between them and the school. They have made complaints about every teacher in the school. If I am being sent away, then so should all of them."

The best part is that the director determined that they are "key players" in the school's future, yet they account for 10% of the ENTIRE STUDENT BODY! My boss, at least one colleague, a few parents, and some students have already pledged to go to bat for me. One parent even told me that my being religious was a good thing for her children. They have learned to have pride in their Judaism that was never there.

Wish me luck as coolyiddishemama fights for her job.


  1. Anonymous24/4/07 23:07

    Um, sounds to me like those "two people" are at the wrong school!

    Lady Who Lunches, from the south

  2. The two people are the rabbi and the president of one of our partnership congregations. They have been very successful in dragging all of our names (the teachers) through the mud. Too bad there is no accountability for them.


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