25 July 2007

This tag was from Barak, who got it from DovBear. It was about Tisha B'Av. Here are my answers:

Fast: While I am not “small” and do have ample reserves, I find this fast to be the hardest (see Insights).


· “I’m a ‘bad Jew’ because I find it hard to be sad about Beit Ha-Mikdash being destroyed. Like any tragedy, it resonates the most with one who experienced it firsthand and fizzles out the more removed one is from it. For example, when I explained 9/11 to cool yiddishe maidel, although I 1) was not connected to anyone who died that day and 2) had at the time never even been to New York, it was easier for me to describe the history that I experienced. However, when cym kept asking why the grown-ups had to fast yesterday, I had to simplify it to that we are “sad” that we don’t have the Beit Ha-Mikdash and told her that it was destroyed because people were too busy doing avodah zarah (bayit rishon) or hating each other for stupid reasons (bayit sheni).

· This might get me labeled an apikoros but, oh well… Due to my non-Orthodox origins, I can acknowledge Beit Ha-Mikdash as being important to us (and do strongly consider the kotel to be the holiest spot for Jewry), but to mourn this for thousands of years simply because this event had the strongest impact to ChaTZaL? In my “warped” logic (or maybe an early teaching that has stuck in my head), daavening is an “evolved” form of avodat Hashem. The korbanot needed to be done in those days as that was how people understood G-d.

· With the above being said, I still fasted because it has been commanded, but I used the time to reflect on the tragedies that affect modern Jews (and could potentially destroy us): continual sinat hinam, constant “out-frumming” your neighbor, and the death of spirituality.

· Why is it always easier to fast on Yom Kippur? Amongst the reasons I came up with: we’re in an atmosphere where more people are fasting (as opposed to work), “life” stops (since it is a Shabbat Shabbaton), etc.


· Another day in the life of a SAHM with children. Fast day or no, life goes on for them. Had CYM’s BF over for playdate and dinner.

· Cool Yiddish Papa collapsing in bed before nine o’clock, so he missed going to Eikha. [He was up until 3:30 AM the previous night finishing HP7 because he had borrowed a friend’s copy.]

How long was Shacharit:

· Barely daavened with children grabbing at my legs. “The big guy” understands.

Kinah for Gush Katif:

· HUH?????

Kinah for the Holocaust:

· To be honest, I have not sat with kinot since having children. Bli neder, will look at this one next year.

Break Fast:

· Rushed as I had other things to attend to (wink, nod to Esther). Drank a large glass of water and a protein drink (just started yet another diet). I also ate a piece of grilled salmon after returning home.

· I had made veggie burgers, tater tots, and corn for the kinder to eat earlier. CYP had vegetarian kielbasa and bell pepper sauté (with the remnants of the children’s dinner). I think at some point he also had some ice cream. (He doesn’t have to watch what he eats…)

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