24 November 2008


Over the next few weeks, I'Y'H, I will be re-vamping my blog to focus on my myriad of interests, all of which reflect on my many facets: mother, educator, and observant Jewish commentary on the absurdity of chumrot. A few updates on my life since the last time we "spoke":

* Both the "cool yiddishe maidel" and the "light of my life" are going to school. CYM is in first grade at the local MO/RZ school and "LOML" is in pre-school at the same place, but on a different campus.

* I spent last school year exploring my next step on my career journey. Previously, I was a "career" Hebrew school teacher and was given an offer I could easily refuse when the administration changed a year and a half ago. I happily accepted an offer to be a Hebrew specialist at a medium-sized Reform congregation. Surprisingly, no one there has been the least concerned about my observance level, cementing my original view that we are all "just Jews". Synagogues are part of movements but people are more fluid.

* As part of this exploration, I worked as a teacher aide at a day school. Despite my background in Judaic studies, I spent more time working with the General studies teacher. This gave me an amazing opportunity to see the other end of a dual curriculum. Taking all things into consideration, I opted to enroll in a post-baccalaurate program at my local college for a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-3). To make this happen, I put myself on "sabbatical" with my Master's studies in Jewish Education.

* To meet the basic economic needs for my family, I am working quite a bit. I work as a shadow for a special needs student at the local charedi school (the one that does not check for TVs in the house) in General Studies. In addition, the Reform congregation is working to place Hebrew as a larger component of their curriculum and asked me to come on board for their emerging mid-week Hebrew offering. In addition, I have been offered an opportunity to tutor home-schooled children. I am still exploring the third option to see if my schedule (and my sanity) can accomodate it. [B'H, cool yiddish papa is still working quite steady within the federal government but my income covers our "frum" expenses, like living in a specific area, buying over-priced kosher meat and cheese, and day school tuition.]

* Since Pesach, I have been (essentially) gluten-free. In September, the doctor requested that I "re-test" since she had a difficult time believing that I'm gluten intolerant. Shortly before Rosh Hashanah, I had a couple slices of my friend's honey cake and some cookies. While the honey cake was delicious (thanks, Barak), I spent several days recovering from the effects. I have essentially decided to keep myself gluten-free. (As a side effect, we discovered LOML has similar issues. After I banned gluten from the house, CYP would take the girls out to eat. LOML would be sick for a couple days, like I would be. Positive result, for the first time in years, LOML has been putting on some weight where before her stomach would bloat up and her limbs stayed skinny.) Celiac disease may run in my family and possibly led to my father's (a'h) colon cancer.

* I'm spending a lot of time on Facebook and when I get "brave", I'll link this blog to my Facebook page since it exposes my "real identity".

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