28 February 2007

Something's Gotta Give...

Hila commented recently about not seeing me blog lately. Well, Hila, between children, work, grad school, housework, and preparing to sell a house (in order to close on a new one), blogging had to fall by the wayside. First of all, I am a peasant with dial-up. CYP wants to economize and hold out for DSL until we get to our new house. (It's a blessing in disguise. I might end up living on the computer if we had broadband anyway.) Second, I had problems finding a cord that would keep my laptop charged (and recognize when I switched to AC power).

I have been so stressed out lately with all my tzarot. I just realized that the hair that is coming out in my hands in falling out from stress. My aunt suggested that it was the sheitels I sometimes wear when cool yiddishe maidel wants me to have hair ("that boys can see"), but I told her that it wasn't so. Much to my distress, I have gained 10 pounds in the last two months without even having had the pleasure of binge-eating.

When talking about my tzarot, I have been "reassured" by people that Hashem doesn't give us more than what we can handle. Well, I still want to know what my breaking point will be...don't all of us to tell the truth?


  1. Mazel tov! No more 3 mile walks?!

  2. I totally can relate to the whole "when's the breaking point" issue. Sometimes things do give and isn't pretty, but one can learn a lot. We are also struggling with this issue and still we slog on. Hopefully, the new house deals are coming along. I am sure you will appreciate the space. :)

  3. CYM,

    I'm sorry if I added to your stress with my pestering. I never meant to, I just missed seeing your posts. I can't even imagine doing all that you do and having time to blog, so I apologize for my selfishness. I also understand the dial-up woes, until my parents moved about 6 months ago I was at the mercy of the dial-up gods as well.

    I hope that all the moving settles down soon, and that you can relax sometime soon.

    If you ever want to vent, feel free to e-mail me. I wish you the best and hope your family is well.



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