06 December 2008


How to know if you are a fleish-a-phobe:

* You avoid french fries or falafel at the meat restaurant since the chicken is fried in the same fryer.

* You panic upon discovering the "pareve" cholent ACTUALLY had some meat hidden in there (but not much).

* You have to justify becoming "fleishig".

* You count down the number of minutes before you are "pareve" again.

* You get depressed when you have to settle for soy milk at Starbucks.

* Your meal decisions center around the choice of dessert. 

That should, essentially, define a fleish-a-phobe. 

A friend of mine runs a shomer Shabbat Boy Scout troop. To make it easy on camping trips, he decided to have only meat keilim. At least one can have pareves for breakfasts and it's not like one will run across a Snickers bar on the hike. On a recent trip, a mother of two of the boys made a point of shlepping an entire set of dairy keilim since her sons are "terrified" of being "fleishig" in the middle of the day. (It turned out all for the best this time since they were selling ice cream at a concession stand.)

After this, I asked a couple more frummy friends of mine about this. There seems to be an out and out terror of becoming "fleishig" at the wrong time. (It might have something to do with this whole "six hour waiting period" thing, but nonetheless, it can put a crimp in your meal plans.) A hamburger and fries at 1pm for lunch delays that pizza until after 7pm (at the earliest).


  1. I'[m getting this post. On one hand it sounds like a fleish-a-phobe is someone who hates meat and on the other just someone that wants to avoid being fleishig.

  2. To me, a fleish-a-phobe wants to avoid being fleishig. I'm the one that has to "justify" it by eating a lot of meat at once. After all, it's the same waiting period for one ounce as it is for 8 ounces.

  3. This post had been inspired by Cool Yiddishe Maidel's kvetch at shul this past Shabbat. The rabbi who leads a Grades 1-5 t'fillah serves a cholent with barley, potatoes, and hot dogs. Her portion didn't have any meat and at first, she thought her cholent was pareve until she saw the meat in her friend's. She got upset because she wanted the M&Ms "fun packs" the "candy man" was passing out upstairs and I told her she was now fleishig.

  4. Talk about fear of commitment - no wonder there's a shidduch crisis!

  5. Why was the candy man giving out milichig candy in shul?


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